Eels Wheelchair
Mon 20 Nov 2023
Brentwood RLFC "The EELS"
Eels Wheelchair
Tries: A Adams, M PengellyConversions: J Thompson, R Sadler
Gravesend Dynamite
Eels quick start caps of a great debut!

Eels quick start caps of a great debut!

Brentwood RLFC24 Nov 2023 - 12:45
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Brentwood Eels 12-24 Gravesend Dynamite

Catch Coach Keith Marshall's preview of the game on BBC Sport from 49:25 Listen Here

A Great night was always in store for our #EelsOnWheels debut it was also the county of Essex's Debut in Wheelchair Rugby competitions of an kind so visits from England Team Manager Martin Coyd OBE, players Lewis King and Joe Coyd added the cherry on to the occasion. Especially ahead of their second autumn test match over in france this weekend from 2pm catch it live on RFL's OUR LEAGUE Match Official Sean Blenkinsop did an outstanding job on the night and broke the game down into 3 x 20 minute thirds to enable a great first experience for both sides.

We couldn't of wished for a better start as we scored their first ever wheelchair points in the first set of the game in only a few minutes. Regathering the first kick off and a strong carry from captain John Thompson gave Rhys Sadler his first chance in space of the game only to suck in three defenders and offload to Alfie Adams to score our first ever wheelchair points. John Thompson duly slotted the first conversion to make the score 6-0.

The game ebb'd and flowed for a while with the Eels not looking out of place against a four time challenge trophy winners who were also celebrating their 10th year as club. It was't long before their pocket rocket Nicole who toyed with the Brentwood Eels defense most of the game as what at the heart of the initial comeback and Gravsend's first points of the game to make it 6-4 and to everyone's surprise we ended the first third in front.

The second third started off a tight contest but Nicole found her this time on the end of a quick pass from the play of the ball from Shreen to catch Eels right edge napping and rightly so halfway through the game take the lead for the first time 6-8. It wasn't long before Eels replied after completing a few sets they sound some space through substitution Mark Pengelly just to the right of the posts, which was easily converted by vice captain on the day Rhys Sadler to give the Eels a lead again 12-8. The Kent side pushed on towards the end of the half and returned first with some quick play down the right side which was initially deterred by some strong defending from Mark Pengelly and young Freddie Goodchild on the left edge but gravesend made the most of a 2v1 and scored on the corner. They also converted their first kick of the game to just take the lead as we headed into the last third 12-14.

The third quarter dynamite showed their experience and pushed a way by taking two chances as the Eels side lost a tiny bit of shape with changes made to ensure eveyrone had a fair crack at the whip and of course some running rapairs to the chairs themselves in what was a physical game at points. The Eels still created some great chances with Ryan Coombes and Max Seaman coming close to nabbing their first meat pies but it wasnt to be with the final score ending 24-12.

Eels look to keep up momentum and will look to have at least three more Monday training sessions before the year is out starting Monday 27th at the Brentwood Centre from 8pm. Register as a player HERE or email to let us know your coming!

Missed the night or want a recap catch all of the action via our Veo subscription Watch Here